this is the ultimate website for asuka lovers like me! if anything is remotely associated with asuka langley soryu, its here lolz! started on 7/14/2022, this site is a passion project in the making, and will forever be in the making lol. i hope you have fun snooping around, as there is lots to see! from eva to paganism, we have it all :3. best viewed on chrome and computer (unsure about mobile)

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asuka balls (8/22/2022)

hey! i havent made a blog post in a while. mostly due to school starting up and mental health ;P. mostly mental health lol. BUT i have managed to stay out of anywhere,, soooo it isnt too bad just yet. ive added a couple cute matching pictures to te sidebars website wise, finsihed intro section and removed the visitor number (it was too big). i have a neurology appointment this week, AND then get evaluated again! so,,, future me still does not have that info. i plan on starting the all about asuka page eventually, however again i havent had much motivation. just been spending my time staring into the abyss, as asuka kinnies do. hope the rest of you asuka kinnies r doing alright!

going past the index! (7/25/2022)

hello hello! ive made a shrine on 'eshrines! unfortunately, the eshrine page is still in the works, but there is a working link there that goes to a shrine for apollo! it is very cool and i recommend you check it out :p i also have removed the blank box below the title, added more buttons, and some blinkies. i still have yet to add anything to the intro section on the index, past a visitor number (ps that is actually just a hit number). intro section is scary and i dunno what to put in it!! i definitely will soon though. i start up school in a week too, so expect lesser updates. ive also been struggling mentally especially with motivation. somethings wrong with me lolz, im getting evaluated soon. i hope whatever comes with that plus the therapy helps a bit. my therapists name is amanda :-) (pst future me after the evaluation, was i right?) anyways, thanks if ur keeping up on the site! i really do like it :3.

art improvements! (7/16/2022)

hi hi! since the last blog post i have added a lot, the index looks very different lolol. i've drawn the title (yk the picture at the top of the page saying 'i heart asuka') it surprisingly only took me an hour or two, especially for a full body in a pose i'm not familiar with!! i have also added a little title drawing to this blog, i think 'asuka archive' is cute enuf! navigation actually nagivates you to other pages now,, those pages dont really have anything on them yet thou lol. chatroom and guestbook work, go sign my guestbook :D!! i plan on adding my socials into the footer, adding more buttons to button area, adding sumthing to the intro lol, and figuring out what to do with that blank box below the title art. also i have 2 followers and about 200 visits already!! thanks so much :3!! ive really been enjoying creating this site,, have stayed up 3 nights just to code lmfao.

asuka's first post (7/14/2022)

hello! this is my first ever blog entry on here so figured i'd do a little introduction! i'm kipp, they/fae/:3 (:3 one is funny ok), i'm 15 and i love asuka! i have been obsessed with asuka since september of 2021, i'm a little obsessive about most of my interests lol. this is my first time ever coding, other than a twitter bot (if that even counts). last night sum of my friends were talking about starting a neocities website and i fixed up my computer and started today! with watching a couple html and css tutorials of course lol. i have spent most of today coding, and it's been a lot of fun! i'm looking forward to fleshing out this site even further!! as it is summer break i will have more time for it too, unfortunately my school life is kinda busy as im taking highschool and college classes at the same time. anyways, i frequent twitter most often, my user is @killercalico, check out my art there! :p i also have tiktok, @hellocalico, and discord, calic0#4956! eventually i'll add a socials section, probably in the footer. thanks for reading this far! and i think it'll be cool to see how this site grows! :3